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Four to Dinner Movie (2022) Cast, Synopsis, Review | Netflix

Four to Dinner
Four to Dinner

About Four to Dinner Movie

The film Four to Dinner is an Italian and Portuguese co-production film released on 5 January 2021. Filming took place in the Roman region of Italy. The original language of the film is Italian. Netflix is the original content. the film, which is 1 hour and 30 minutes long, is set in the genre of Comedy and Romance.

The film was directed by Alessio Maria Federici and written by Martino Coli. The cast includes Matteo Martari, Matilde Gioli, Giuseppe Maggio, Ilenia Pastorelli, Luís Filipe Eusébio, Elmano Sancho, Soraia Tavares, Mauro Hermínio, Cristiano Piacenti, among others.

The original title of the film is known as Quattro metà. We will share the IMDB details about the film with you when it arrives.

When Will Be Released?

The film Four to Dinner will be released in many countries via Netflix starting from January 5, 2022.

Four to Dinner Synopsis

Is there really only one soul mate in the world who completes us?
There are four of them: Matteo, Dario, Chiara and Giulia. Four halves of four possible pairs. What is the correct connection, no one knows. Matteo and Chiara are sunny and caring people, maybe a little Naive Giulia and Dario also have a lot in common, they are very attractive, self-confident, bordering on arrogance. It would seem that their fate has already been written, because “the one who looks like himself gets it”. It is also a pity that the opposite poles can be said to be the “it” that attracts each other.

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Their mutual friends, Martino and Stefania, bet on two different matches, but they will soon realize that although intimacy exists, the first situations are not decisive, because after all, we all change when we are with someone. And so, Matteo, Dario, and only one soul mate for each one of them, and the stories of Giulia Chiara theory is that is not only meaningless, but also, if desired, much less help us because we can teach everyone a romantic ideal.

Four to Dinner Cast and Stars

  • Matilde Gioli
  • Giuseppe Maggio
  • Matteo Martari
  • Tommaso Basili
  • Ilenia Pastorelli
  • Soraia Tavares
  • Elmano Sancho
  • Mauro Hermínio
  • Luís Filipe Eusébio
  • Cristiano Piacenti

Four to Dinner Official Trailer

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