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Tv Series

Minx Tv Series (2022) Cast, Synopsis, Review | HBO Max

Minx Tv Series
Minx Tv Series

About Minx Tv Series

Minx TV Series is a US-made drama that premiered on March 17, 2022. HBO Max is the original production. The shooting took place in Los Angeles, USA. The first season of the series consisting of 10 episodes is in the comedy genre.

The series was created by Ellen Rapoport, directed by Rachel Goldenberg, and written by Ellen Rapoport. If we look at the cast; We can see names such as Ophelia Lovibond, Jake Johnson, Hope Davis, Amy Landecker, Gillian Jacobs, Stephen Tobolowsky, Rich Sommer, Chris Jai Alex, Austin Nichols, Sophia Bui, Trishna, Vera Myers, Bianca Cook.

The series received 6.3 points as a result of the voting in IMDB. You can watch the series on HBO Max starting March 17, 2022.

Minx Tv Series Synopsis

The viewers will be introduced to Joyce, played by Ophelia Lovibond, an ambitious and outspoken editor. Her goal for years has been to publish a women’s magazine about the real politics of being a woman in the ’70s. She travels through publishers’ festivals and trade shows, pitching her ideas only to be turned down time after time by handfuls of men, one even states as he looks at the mock-up magazine cover Joyce has shown of a woman marching, “Why is she so angry?” Feeling underappreciated and not taken seriously, Lovibond’s character is just about to call it quits. That is until she meets publisher Doug Renetti, played by Jake Johnson.

Renetti is willing to publish Joyce’s ideas, but there’s a catch: make it erotic. Initially off-put by his proposal, Renetti offers her a way of publishing her radical ideas in a way that men have been doing forever, through the guise of bare models and erotica. It’s an untapped market in the ’70s, and together they decide to go into business. But the magazine will no longer have Joyce’s initial name, The Matriarchy Awakens, and instead gets renamed, Minx.

Minx Tv Series Cast and Characters

Ophelia Lovibond as Joyce
Jake Johnson as Doug
Taylor Zakhar Perez as Shane
Idara Victor as Tina
Oscar Montoya as Richie
Jessica Lowe as Bambi
Lennon Parham as Shelly
Michael Angarano as Glenn
Gillian Jacobs as Maggie

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Minx Official Trailer

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